Cake Smash!

Tips to Have the Best Cake Smash Experience!

Your session experience will begin with a free phone consultation with us. This will help us plan the experience and determine what you’re looking for, as well as to help you brainstorm themes, color schemes, etc.

I recommend that parents provide the cake. Choose your own design, planned to go along with your theme if you have one. Some colors photograph better than others. Avoiding chocolate (super dark and super messy) red and blue. Whipped or buttercream topping is easiest and most fun for baby to get messy with and dive into.!

Preparing for Your Session

 Pick a Theme: I will provide the backdrop to go along with the theme you choose. I will send you options to choose from in advance, once I know your theme. A theme can help plan outfit colors, cake colors, and decorations/props. You may also want to choose a theme that then carries over into the first birthday party. 

Practice Run at Home

Your baby’s experience is its own and however it responds is OKAY! Babies can be reluctant to try new textures or tastes. They may be put off by the adults around them. Help them get used to this experience by practicing at home first. Use a cupcake or other small cake. Place the child on the floor with the cake and let them explore! Sit on the floor with them and help them experience. 

The Day Of

  • Your cake should be at room temp. Too cold, and baby may not engage!
  • Cake Stands are cute but can get knocked over and destroy the cake or injure baby. May be used, carefully and briefly.
  • Bring a Spoon: Just in case!
  • Siblings: Not recommended at the session; can be a distraction and stressor for parents.


I make sure to keep baby wipes, paper towels, towels, dust pan and trash bags on hand at all times.

Parents Should Bring: Extra pair of clothes for all family members attending (believe me, you all may need them!) Bags to take the dirty clothes home.

Last but not least, relax and have fun!! This session should not be stressful, but should be a fun experience for all involved! I can’t wait to help you celebrate your one year old!!

Information adapted from Pretty Presets.